No One Asked: Episode Four, It’s Not Even Father’s Day

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If you’re wondering where host Lindsey got her good looks and witty banter, episode four is for you. Lindsey’s dad comes on the podcast to offer advice and ask questions of his own.  Continue reading


My Witchy Wellness Items

My family is really into horoscopes, crystals, sage, and full-moon rituals. All these things are sort of witchy, and I love that title. I read this Vogue article a while ago about how women are reclaiming the term “witch” in order to empower themselves and reconnect with nature. Witches are no longer black-hat wearing, broomstick riding girls of October to me. They’re now vibrant, spiritual ladies of any season, and I plan to really connect with that idea this Spring. So here are some of the things I have collected that are wellness or witchy items. Continue reading