My Witchy Wellness Items

My family is really into horoscopes, crystals, sage, and full-moon rituals. All these things are sort of witchy, and I love that title. I read this Vogue article a while ago about how women are reclaiming the term “witch” in order to empower themselves and reconnect with nature. Witches are no longer black-hat wearing, broomstick riding girls of October to me. They’re now vibrant, spiritual ladies of any season, and I plan to really connect with that idea this Spring. So here are some of the things I have collected that are wellness or witchy items. Continue reading


Coachella Cellphone Photo Diary

I had the best time of my life at Coachella this past weekend listening to music, dancing until my feet ached, and taking an endless stream of photos. Outfit details and fun photos below! Continue reading

17 Things I Learned at 17


This time last year, I wasn’t ready to turn seventeen. Sixteen felt innocent, comfortable, and easy. You’re given just enough responsibility to be entertained, but any mistake is attributed to your young age and every accomplishment is impressive for the same reason. I feel the same about turning eighteen. I don’t feel old enough to be eighteen, even though I know that doesn’t really make sense. Despite that, I’ve decided to welcome eighteen with open arms and a hopeful heart while sending off seventeen the same way. Now that it’s gone, I miss seventeen. I spent a whole year with it, and here’s what I learned.  Continue reading

Current Favorites

I can’t believe 2017 is over. In 2018, I am finding out where I am going to college, and then I am graduating and GOING TO SAID COLLEGE (?!) I hope 2018 will bring happiness and contentment for all of us. December, January, and February have been full of busy and exciting times, so I’ve decided to combine my favorites from all those months.  Continue reading

Velvet Playlist


I usually like to listen to bumping songs in the car, but I’ve recently been more into solemn, nostalgic, look-out-the-window-like-I’m-in-a-movie songs. I’ve compiled a list I think you should listen to when you are in that same mood. If you want to listen to my most recent adds first and then work your way to songs I’ve been loving for awhile, start at the bottom of this list and move upward.  Continue reading