March 21, 2016


This casual outfit makes me feel put-together in the comfiest way possible. My ribbed shirt is blush pink- even though you can’t tell- from Brandy Melville. My ripped black jeans are my favorite pair of hand-me-downs. My all white Superstar Adidas are a gift from God. They are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. My pink bomber is vintage from my grandma’s closet. I love the arm details, the color, and the fact that it was my grandma’s! The last bit of accessory I added to the outfit was the black belt with gold hardware. I thought it just tied the entire look together. Continue reading

March 20, 2016

IMG_1060.JPGThis neutral-themed outfit has the vibes of Kanye West’s nude runway. It’s a juxtaposition to the vibrant and colorful first day of spring. My tan, mock-neck, cropped sweater is from Na-kd, my suede skirt is from Forever 21, and my white tennis shoes are from H&M. My sunglasses are from Quay, and you can see them- along with the rest of my sunglass collection- here. Continue reading

Ten Things I Can’t Live Without

IMG_1007.JPGSince this is my first blog post, I thought it would be fitting to introduce myself. What better way to learn about who I am than by reading about ten things I can’t live without? A little disclaimer before we dive in: by things I mean objects. Obviously, if things included people, the top of my list would be my family and friends. I’m not completely materialistic here! Continue reading