Ten Things I Can’t Live Without

IMG_1007.JPGSince this is my first blog post, I thought it would be fitting to introduce myself. What better way to learn about who I am than by reading about ten things I can’t live without? A little disclaimer before we dive in: by things I mean objects. Obviously, if things included people, the top of my list would be my family and friends. I’m not completely materialistic here!

1. My iPhone 5s

This is where all of my weird screenshots and funny text conversations are stored. I love my unbreakable phone that I waste so much time with. I love my screensaver, a picture of all my friends and I in the snow, and I love my case, a Wildflower hand-me-down.

2. Pink Hydroflask

I am the worst at keeping myself hydrated. Unless the water fountain is a few steps away, I will refuse to take the trek. My Hydroflask, in my favorite color, of course, is the only device that will actually make me drink more water. I carry it around everywhere so it is always handy, and it keeps my waters cold and my teas hot.

3. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

I am convinced that I am the personification of the Sahara desert. I am so dry, my skin flakes. I use the moisturizer at night and any time I am feeling my skin start to crack. This cream is the only cream I have found that is able to heal my parched skin.

4. Mica Eye Primer

I usually use this tinted eye primer to match my veiny lids to the color of my face. It helps open my eyes and reduce redness from sleep deprivation.

5. Quay Live Now Sunglasses

I have a lot of beautiful sunglasses, but these are my go-to. They are casual, so I can literally wear them with everything. They are also chic with the tortoiseshell pattern and brow bar. They do not reduce the glare as much as I would like, but I still consider these one of my must-haves.

6. Topshop Jeans

Every pair of jeans I have ever bought from Topshop are perfect. They are stretchy without bordering jegging material, they are comfortable, and they fit impeccably. My favorite pair have a rip in each knee and are a tad high-waisted.

7. 11 inch Macbook Air

The very thing I am typing on right now. My Mac and I have been through thick and thin. My Mac has been there for me when I tried to write my English essay and when I have wasted countless hours on Youtube. Even though she always surprises me with that hourly reminder that my startup disk is running out of space, I still love her.

8. My copy of We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

There are a lot of books I love (notable mentions include The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides and Looking for Alaska by John Green), but We Were Liars is definitely my favorite. I read this book for the first time in October 2015. Since then I have reread it multiple times, and it is the only book I have reread- unless you include Sideways Stories from Wayside School.

9. Spotify

How could I live without music? Everything I have been listening to since I was in eighth grade is on my little Spotify. The songs I can’t stop replaying now include “All the Girls Love Alice” by Emile Sande and “Somebody Else” by The 1975.

10. My Decomposition Book

It is environment-friendly and Lindsey-friendly. I love the inside covers with information of our solar system, Soy plants, and The Great Sphinx scribbled in it. I think every girl needs a good notebook, and this is mine!


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