Sunglass Collection

IMG_1031.JPGWith Spring approaching quickly, I thought it would be appropriate to share my sunglass collection. I have accumulated five pairs of sunnies over the last few years, and here they are.

  1. Translucent pink frame with orangey lens

These were a hand-me-down from my sister, so I’m not quite sure where they are from, but these rock. It seems like the lens are tinted, but they are only that color from the outside. My view of the world is just a shaded version of reality, not orange or reddened. The lens are also mirrored, which I think is very cool. I love pairing these glasses with my pink vans or a monochromatic outfit.

2. Tortoise shell, round frame with a brow bar

This pair is from Quay. They are the Live Now sunnies, and they are my most-worn pair of sunglasses that I own. I like how the lens is brown, not a harsh black, and I love the brow bar.

3. Dark tortoise shell, rectangular frame

These are also hand-me-down, and they are my favorite to wear on the top of my head. They frame my face well because the top of the glasses is a straight line while most sunglasses curve into meet the bridge. These don’t, and I think that is flattering.

4. Olive green, round frame

These are from H&M, and I love them so much. For their affordable price, they do an amazing job of blocking out the sun. I also like the discreet pop of color. These are the perfect sunglasses when summer begins to fade into fall.

5. Black, round frame with “Bel Air Wildfox” inscribed

These are the Bel Air sunnies from Wildfox. They are so chic! They do an incredible job of reducing the glare of the sun, and they look great while doing it. The frames are thick to fit the gold “Bel Air Wildfox” written on them.IMG_1046.JPG


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