DIY: How to Have the Best Bath

IMG_1096.JPGWhen I am stressed, I need to take a bath. Nothing is as calming as soaking in a bubbly tub. Here’s how to make the most of your relaxation.

  1. Arrange an activity

For me, at least, I can’t just sit in hot water and stare blankly at the ceiling. I love to make a playlist of soft music or stream a few videos on Youtube. My favorite thing to do, though, is to read. When I am taking a break from stress, I also want to take a break from technology. Sometimes the only opportunity I have to read is during a bath. My current book is Only Ever Yours by Louis O’Neill. It’s really dark, but really good. Some of my classic recommendations are The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides and We Were Liars by E. Lockhart.

2.  Add bath accessories

Yes, I’m talking about bath bombs and bubble bars. I always get the ones from Lush, my favorite being Rose Jam Bubbleroon. Bubbles and scents really make or break the bath.

3.  Hydrate

Grab some water so you don’t have to disrupt your peacetime because of your thirst.

4. Apply a Mask

Kill two birds with one stone. Relax and clear your skin. I love going out trying peel-off and sheet masks, but sometimes it’s fun to make my own. Find my favorite facial recipe here.

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