Jewelry Collection: Rings

IMG_1301.JPGMy jewelry collection is large and beautiful! Instead of doing it all at once, I thought I decided to kick off this series with my rings. I have eight total, some from boutiques, chains, or family members.  Continue reading


Birthday Party Prep

IMG_1267.JPGFor my sixteenth birthday, I had a pink and white theme. I decorated my backyard with flowers, chalkboard, and silver platters to add a classy feel. Organizing it was almost the best part, so here’s what I did. Continue reading

Jeep Beep Beep Playlist

IMG_1198.JPGI can finally drive! Now that I am a licensed citizen, I need some jams to listen to while I’m cruising the open roads. We’ve got a little bit of rap, a little bit of alternative, a little bit of electronica. This list is taken directly from my Spotify, which is lindseyisawesome06. Follow me there to keep track of the updated versions. Continue reading