NY Guide: Day One


My actual day one was on yesterday, but since I got to the hotel at about 4, I didn’t do anything worth documenting. (Also, this is a cellphone picture diary since I didn’t have my phone all day.)




1. Jack’s Wife Freda

So we started off having breakfast at Jack’s Wife Freda in Soho. We took an Uber and got the restaurant at about 9. My mom, sister, and I took the last table, so I definitely recommend getting there at that time. I ordered Madame Freda and my sister ordered the Breakfast Bowl. Both were incredibly delicious and photogenic. The owners are from Israel, which inspired a lot of their trendy dishes. There isn’t much room inside the restaurant, but the decor was still very cute. We then walked around Soho and stopped into pop-up sales.


2. City Bakery

We walked all the way to City Bakery. Unlike Jack’s Wife Freda, City Bakery is huge. We didn’t get any baked goods, just some of their famous hot chocolate. It’s very thick and rich, so it wasn’t my cup of tea, but I know my sister loved it. We walked through Central Park afterward, all the way down to Blue Stove Lane.


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

3. Bluestone Lane

This is a little restaurant hidden near W 90th street. Bluestone Lane is on the smaller side, too, but it’s still very stylish. It’s more of a snack place then a lunch place which was perfect because we had eaten so much already. I got the fruit toast which was good, and my sister got the Avocado Smash. My mom got the soup of the day. Not necessarily a must-see place, but it did the job, and its location was perfect.


4. Cooper Hewitt

We went to the Cooper Hewitt museum near Blue Stove Lane. This was an amazing museum that I totally recommend! Some museums in New York (I’m looking at you, the MET) are too big that they are overwhelming. The Cooper Hewitt was big enough to be entertaining, but it wasn’t huge. It was interactive with a very cool pen system that allowed you to essentially “save” pieces art to look at once you leave using a code. You could also draw and create projections, furniture, and buildings. There was mix of innovative fashion, miniature architecture, and modern art. 18 and under got in free while general admission wasn’t expensive.


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