NY Guide: Day Four


And unfortunately, the last day has arrived. This trip has been amazing, and I am so thankful I’ve been able to be here. I love the pop-up shops, the galleries, the multi-storied stores. I love New York!



1.High Street on Hudson

Best brunch restaurant ever. There are a ton of great breakfast sandwiches on the menu, but they aren’t the regular, gross, microwaveable sandwiches. The one I ordered had pastrami, hash browns, eggs, peppers, and an amazing sauce on a brioche bun. The only con is the hot chocolate (it tasted like water).



2. High Line

Even though it was freezing, we walked on the High Line, a park raised above the city. It was very cool, and a nice way to avoid all of the stoplights.




3. Chelsea Market

Near the High Line was Chelsea Market. Not only were there a ton of cool stores, but Chelsea Market’s decor was bomb. My favorite place inside was Artists and Fleas, a trendy flea market open every day of the week.



4. Joe Colombia

We then took a taxi to the other side of town to check out Barnard and Colombia. I had a vegan chocolate chip cookie and a chai latte at Joe Colombia. It was very cute, with many tall windows offering a view of the beautiful Colombia campus.


5. Doughnut Plant

The doughnuts here are amazing! I got the chocolate chip cookie cake doughnut. It was fabulous, and the shop was decorated really well with doughnut pillows lining the walls and ceramic doughnuts worked into the benches.


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