Birthday Party Prep

IMG_1267.JPGFor my sixteenth birthday, I had a pink and white theme. I decorated my backyard with flowers, chalkboard, and silver platters to add a classy feel. Organizing it was almost the best part, so here’s what I did.IMG_1232.JPGI had a photo booth set up on a wall with silver streamers from Party City. I bought little props from Party City like the gold glasses and the pink mustache for people to pose with. The Party Time headband was from I also hung lettered balloons from the ceiling that read “Fun”, and those were from, too.IMG_1234.JPGI ordered tacos from La Salsa for dinner. They were displayed on a buffet table, with the vase of pink roses in the corner. I individually wrapped pink utensils in white napkins with pink string and laid those on a silver platter. IMG_1244.JPGParty City sold these plastic cocktail glasses that everyone used to drink their sparkling lemonade.IMG_1246.JPGThe chairs, table, and linen were from Ace Party Rentals. They hung lights around the table, and it looked awesome. Unfortunately, the movers who came to set it up arrived hours later than we expected, so I don’t know if I would use them again.

We had a vase of pink jelly beans between two vases of Red Vines for people to snack on, and slices of lemon in the water pitcher. The two silver candles on the table were ones my family had owned for a while, and they made the table look so luxurious! The white roses in the mason jars were also a nice touch. When the sun went down and the lights turned on, the set up looked even more spectacular!


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