Jewelry Collection: Rings

IMG_1301.JPGMy jewelry collection is large and beautiful! Instead of doing it all at once, I thought I decided to kick off this series with my rings. I have eight total, some from boutiques, chains, or family members. IMG_1303.JPGStarting on my pinky finger, I got this ring from a boutique in Santa Barbara. It’s dainty and feminine with a pearl in the center and silver hardware. The lowest ring on my ring finger. I got this from a boutique, too, and I love the way it crosses. It has tiny, sparkly diamonds incrusted along the front. Above that ring, I have a silver midi ring from Topshop. I wear this all the time with a combination of my other midi rings from Topshop, like the top one on my middle finger. Below that one I have a gold ring my mom got from her friends when she turned sixteen. She gave it to me when I turned sixteen. It has a diamond on it, but it doesn’t fit, so I wear it as a midi ring. IMG_1304.JPGOn my pointer finger, I have this gold, chained ring from my mother. Above that, I have the a gold, midi ring from a booth at Melrose Trading Post. It looks like a little crown! And lastly, on my thumb, I have a simple silver ring that I have had since I was little.


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