Pin Collection

IMG_1334.JPGI started getting into pins in eighth grade, and my first one was the science participant pin I thrifted from Melrose Trading Post. From there, my collection grew. Sometimes I wore the pins on my jean jacket, other times I hooked them onto my backpack. I love what pins can express in a small circle.

1.Bonjour pin from

Starting all the way to the left, I have my bonjour pin. My best friend bought me this pin for my birthday, and I love it. It’s gold-rimmed and red and so adorable.

2. Are we there yet? pin from Coast to Coast Vintage

This pin is the perfect combination of colors. I love the saying on it, and it’s the perfect size to wear.

3. World’s best backup dancer pin from Warby Parker

The Warby Parker store on Abbot Kinney had a huge bucket of small pins they were giving away for free. This was one of the many I took.

4. Festive on the inside from Warby Parker

I wore this during the holidays since it’s Christmas themed. I love its sarcasm.

5. Science fair pin from Melrose Trading Post

This pin was thrifted, and I think it’s amazing. I love how it belonged to a random participant in a science fair and found its way into my closet.

6. Truth or dare pin from Warby Parker

What a surprise? Another pin from Warby Parker. The mustard color is very trendy and appealed to me a lot.

7. Kiss me I’m a button pin from Warby Parker

Can you tell that I love the holiday themed buttons? I wore this comical pin on St. Patrick’s Day.

8. Poodle pin from a boutique in New York

This one is so nifty. I’m obsessed with dogs, so I’m just honored to wear one on my pin.

9. Blue collage pin from Coast to Coast Vintage

This pin came in the pack with the “Are we there yet?” button. It has sunglasses, Starbucks, lipstick, road signs. Basically everything I love.




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