Jewelry Collection: Watches

IMG_1571.JPGWatches, watches, watches. They are the most useful piece of jewelry, and one of the cutest. I have a total of three awesome watches in my collection, so here they are.

1.Digital Aldo watch from Buffalo Exchange

I love this watch! It’s so eclectic and cute, and I love the beautiful pinkness. It’s also super handy because it has the seconds, the date, AND the time (even though the date is four days off). It’s the only digital watch I own, too, so I like wearing it during test days.

2. Brown Leather Watch

I have no clue where this one is from. I wear it with a more casual outfit when I am aiming for a neutral-toned piece of jewelry. I don’t wear it that often, but I really do like how the face is black and the straps are brown.

3. Quilted, Mixed Metals watch from Kate Spade

I LOVE THIS WATCH. I love how it’s quilted, I love how the buckle is silver, but the face is gold. I love everything about it.


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