June Favorites 2016

IMG_1576.JPGJune felt like “Not Your Way” by Misterwives played in the background the entire time. The first month of the summer means s’mores and late nights and freedom. 

1.Cub Scouts shirt from Brandy Melville

I lived in this shirt this month. It is a super cool faded tomato color, and I have nothing like it in my closet. It’s super comfortable, too, so it’s perfect for the beach or a lazy day. I could tie it up, tuck it in, or let it hang. 10 out of 10.

2. Coconut Oil

Mine is from Trader Joe’s, but any coconut oil would work. I use it about every other day in the shower on the ends of my hair and it works so well. It holds my curl, but reduces frizz. It also hydrates my hair A TON.

3. Tizo2 Facial Mineral Sunscreen

It has a high SPF so it protects from the sun without being like other gross sunscreens. It makes my face actually feel softer, not oily. It also has no scent at all. It’s like regular sunscreen, but better in every way.

4. Urban Outfitters earrings

I got the set of six earrings, and I love them. It was hard to find earrings that worked well with my second piercing, and these were it. My favorites from the strand are the open circle ones. The only con to the earrings are the backings. They are huge and stiff and strange to wear, so I usually use random other backings I can find.

5. One Tree Hill

I started OTH at the end of my freshman year, but finals took over and I had to stop. I never got back into it until this June, and now I’m really into it. I’m halfway through season five, so about half way done. I definitely recommend it.

6. Music

The Life of Pablo!!!! Oh my gosh it’s so good. My favorites from it are “FML,” “No More Parties in LA,” and “Facts (Charlie Heat Version)”. I have also really been liking “Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare” by Matt and Kim and anything by The Hunna.


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