Fourth of July Outfit Ideas


It’s Independence Day Eve in America which means I have to grab all of the red, white, and blue clothes from my closet and try to make an outfit out of them. Here are some ideas to help you through this debacle.


I love this outfit. It’s perfect for the beach, for a hot day, and for the fourth. I’m wearing my white and blue pinstriped overalls from American Vintage and a blue bikini top from Jolyn. It wouldn’t be a Lindsey outfit without my all-white Superstar Adidas.



This next outfit is better for a fair, a barbecue, or if you look better in red. My faded red shorts are from Topshop and my white halter top is from Brandy Melville. I’m also wearing a red bandana headband from H&M which is a godsend. It’s hard to wear headbands with curly hair, but this one makes it easy.


And last but not least, the feminine, fancier outfit. This blue and white checkered dress is from Brandy Melville, and I paired it with my white jelly sandals from Urban Outfitters (you can spy the shoes in the first photo of this post). I put a white bow in my hair and called it a day. Throw on a red bomber if you get cold.




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