Pittsburgh Guide: Day Two


Second day of Pittsburgh meant more museums and less ice cream. Nonetheless, it was a good day. 

Before I dive into day two, though, I have to add onto day one, which you could read here in case you missed it.

1. Gaucho

My family and I went to Gaucho for dinner where we had to wait in a thirty minute line. Definitely worth it! The restaurant is a meat lover’s dream. Between the three of us, we split a large flank steak, rosemary braised beef sandwich, and a plate of cheeses and ham called Picada. Everything was delicious, especially the sandwich!

2. Klavon’s Ice Cream Parlor

Near Gaucho, there is an ice cream parlor with great sundaes. The three of us split a cookies and cream sundae and a M&M-peanut butter sundae. The ambience is very cute and authentic, and the sundaes were awesome.


3. Warhol Museum

Okay, we are finally on day two. We started off the day visiting the Warhol Museum which was completely amazing! I loved everything from the artwork to the presentation of the artwork to the museum gift shop (where I got a Warhol pin).

4. Arnold’s Tea

I had a sandwich here which was good, but the tea was where I was really impressed. They served a ton of different unique teas and Arnold Palmers. I got “Lavenade” which was a mix of lavender tea, basil leaves, and lemonade. 10/10.

5. Burgatory

We finished the day with dinner at Burgatory which is famous for its shakes and burgers. Definitely only go here if you are starving because there is a lot of eating to be done. I got a s’mores milkshake with Elk Gone Wild burger and the truffled gorgonzola Pommes Frites. The fries were delicious and even though the burger was super spicy, it was good, too.


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