We started off on Melrose Place and made our way to Melrose Avenue. It was a successful afternoon.


1. Alfred’s Tea Room

I finally found my way to the pink tea shop, and of course I loved it. I LIVE the color pink, and I love me a good iced chai tea latte, so it was the perfect place to get some work done. Just like all of the pictures you see, it was adorable. Parking was miserably hard to find like it always is on Melrose, but the tea room is worth the trip!


2. Gracias Madre

This is the best vegan restaurant I have tried so far. I went during happy hour, which meant that my meal was only six dollars, and it was delicious! I got the flautas de papas, and sat next to Anna Camp and Skylar Astin from Pitch Perfect which was an added bonus.


3. Fonuts

Lastly, we went to Fonuts (which has free valet in the back, by the way). We got there kind of late, so most of the selection was gone. My mom and I decided on buying the chocolate coconut donut and the hazelnut chocolate donut. They are fantastic! The whole concept of the shop is to bake the donuts, not fry them, and you can really taste a difference. Plus, most of their options are gluten free and vegan!



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