Back to School: What You Need

IMG_2031.JPGT-minus seven days until I’m back in school, and I’m trying to find any way possible to make the transition easier. I have invested in adorable supplies to help me survive this year. 


1. Agenda

It’s so having so many assignments to keep track of, so make sure you are keeping track in a fun way. My new agenda is from, and I love it! It’s complete with stickers, a weekly bucket list idea, compliments imbedded into the schedules, a page to color, and a pocket. Most importantly, it has a lot of (colorful, awesome) space to keep track of my schedule.

2. Laptop Case

I’m bringing my laptop to school now, and I have to keep it safe. I got my marble case off of Amazon, and I love how chic and trendy it is! I also have a pocket to protect my computer even more. Mine is Marc Jacobs from TJ Maxx.

3. Pens

Specifically, the Papermate Flair pens. I wanted these pens for like a year before I finally ordered them off at Amazon. I am always taking notes, so the pens are definitely worth it. They are so pretty and fun to write with and helpful when color coding notes and just all-around amazing. Like I said, I got my pack from Amazon, but they are sold all over.

4. Pencil Pouch

Over the last two years, I have been using pouches I have collected from Ipsy to hold my pencils. This year I am planning to use the one that reads “Pretty Important Stuff,” but I really like the Urban Outfitters  Souvenir Austin Zip Pouch or any of the awesome pouches from



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