Smorgasburg, the flea market for food in LA that is open every Sunday. It is the true happiest place on earth. In typical Lindsey fashion, I ate a lot of food and tried a lot of things. This is a documentation of my experience.

1. Lobsterdamus

This pop up restaurant has the best lobster ever. My family and I split the cajun one and ate every last bit of meat. It was as delicious as it looks.

2. The Original Ramen Burger

THIS WAS MY FAVORITE THING FROM SMORGASBURG. It was straight up delicious! I got the original and went to heaven while I ate it. I definitely recommend going there if you have a chance to check it out.


3. Summer Crab

As you can see, we ate a lot of seafood at Smorgasburg. This one was called Trap Queen, and it was super good. In all honesty, I would get the lobster and the ramen burger before I ate this one, but I don’t regret eating this one bit it was awesome.

4. Popdup+

For a refresher, my family and I checked out Popdup+ which has a ton of cool flavors in cute jars. I got the rhubarb lavender tea that tasted like straight up sweet lavender. I’m a total lavender fanatic (you can see my favorite lavender products HERE), so this was right up my alley.

5. Wanderlust

Desert time! For part one of the desert, my family and I split the mango rice and blueberry lemon flavored ice cream. They were both so good, but I preferred the mango rice. Wanderlust also had a really cute booth with a vintage globe and a huge banner.


6. Donut Friend

To top off the Smorgasburg experience, my family and I brought home these two donuts from Donut Friend. On the left we have Yo La Mango and on the right we have Panda Berry. Yo La Mango was AMAZING. It was complete with cayenne, mango, and lime zest. DEFINITELY check them out.




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