Downtown LA


From Grand Central Market to The Last Bookstore, my family and I walked around downtown LA. Here’s what we ate/saw. 

Location: DTLA Cheese


DTLA Cheese is stall toward the back corner left corner of Grand Central Market. My mom and I split the burrata toast and cheesy potatoes, and both were to die for. We then carried our meal outside to the eating area near the barbecue stand. I know Grand Central Market is usually super busy, but during dinner time, it was relatively empty. All the good food, but none of the waiting time.


Location: Valerie Confections Bakery and Café


I picked up a slice of vegan banana bread with chocolate chunks inside and peanuts sprinkled on top. Not as satisfying at the burrata toast, but still good.

Location: The Last Bookstore


A ten minute walk from Grand Central Market is The Last Bookstore. They have a ton of used books, a ton of new books, a nice seating area, a collection of records, and an art gallery all within this cozy little store. The set up is super comfy and adorable, and the products are awesome. Lights were strung over the balconies of the second floor and the checkout desk sat on top of a pile of books. The decor was top-knotch.


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