Spooky DIY: Fall Decorations


Not sure if I have made it obvious enough yet, but I love fall. I love Thanksgiving, warm Starbucks drinks, cable knit sweaters, and Addams Family Values. Here is a mix of Autumn and Halloween decor ideas I implemented. 


1. Clothespin Decorations

I talked about these clothespins in my Back to School DIY post, but at that time they were holding reminders. I have replaced the notecards with Halloween-themed stickers. Both of these were picked up at Brandy Melville, and I think they add a Halloween vibe without being too obvious. These sit in the corner of my desk and make me feel happy whenever I look up from doing my math homework.


2. Shelf Decorations

Everyone has a Fall candle, right? This one is perfect because it’s orange which screams Fall! It is the No. 17 Fig and Sandalwood Soy Candle from Urban Outfitters. The white pumpkin next to it is from Target. I just had to buy it because it perfectly matches my aesthetic. In the back is a jar of quotes I received from my birthday a while back that I always keep on this shelf.


3. Sporadic Decorations

Pick up a skull head or this awesome mason jar (from Michael’s) and place it anywhere in your room to amp up the Halloween spirit. Some great places to stow these decorations include your bookcase, vanity, or bedside table.


4. Bits of Color

Lastly, add bits of orangey or neutral shades around your room to subtly send the message. I made sure all of the books showing in my bookshelf are orange, red, or black. I also placed things like this Q&A a Day book around the room that remind me of fall.


5. Spooky Phone Settings

In the spirit of Halloween, I changed my phone screensaver to a cartoon version of Dwight’s pumpkin head in The Office and another Halloween-themed wallpaper I found on Google. I also changed my text message ringtone to the most Halloween-sounding ringtone I could find. I think it’s actually pretty good.



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