Sunday Brunch: November 6, 2016


There’s no day like Sunday. It often gets misrepresented because it’s the final day of freedom before the week starts up again, but I think Sundays have a lot to offer. It’s the designated brunch day of the week, something I can appreciate with the name of this blog. It presents an opportunity for a relaxing day in, a matinee show, or some good breakfast. I decided to dedicate a series to a day in my life on a Sunday. Read on to check out the first installation. 

Day Light Savings Time allowed me to wake up early and still feel well rested. I started the day off with my favorite breakfast, two pumpkin waffles from Trader Joe’s. I doused them in syrup and whisked them off to the living room to complete my homework and check social media. I finally finished my homework around lunch time. I LOVE sandwiches, so I just threw together a roast beef sandwich with a little mayonnaise and put it on some wheat bread.


My friend is actually visiting from Virginia, so I met up with her and a couple others at the beach. It wasn’t too warm, so I wore my huge blue and black poncho the entire time. We sat on towels and talked a little, then went for frozen yogurt a few streets down.


I spent the night watching Gossip Girl (season two episodes five, six, seven, and eight) and letting my Bath and Body Works Leaves candle make it feel like fall. I’m so into Gossip Girl (this is my third time watching it) that I’m considering doing a Get the Look post for the first few episodes. Like this post if you want to see that!


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