Seven Coconut Oil Hacks


Coconut oil is a saving grace. It is a chemical-free, cheap, and environmentally-friendly product to help with loads of different issues from dry skin to frizzy hair. Here are seven different ways to put this miracle device to work. 

1. Hydrate your hair

Coconut oil has a ton of Vitamin E, which means it can repair the harm heat causes to your hair. After one use, the coconut oil replenished the damages done to my hair, and left me with strong, healthy locks. Also, the acids in the oil help repair dry hair, which helps with the defrizzing process. Adding a small amount to your conditioning routine can take away your frizz troubles!

2. Moisturize your dry skin

Coconut oil can help dry skin for the same reasons it can help with dry hair. Coconut oil has life-saving ingredients to help nourish your parched skin. A little bit goes along way with the oil, so only take a small amount before saving your skin!

3. Heal your sunburn

Coconut oil helps reduce inflammation, so it is perfect for a sunburn. In my personal experience, coconut oil worked even better than Aloe Vera or a lotion alone. I applied some oil over the sunburn and let it dry. I had a terrible sunburn, so I used it about twice a day. The oil helped speed up the recovery process and ease the pain of the burn.

4. Calm your curls

I have crazy curly hair that always spirals out of control. I started using a little bit of coconut oil with my conditioner to help with the frizz, but it also helped with my curls. It keeps them bouncy and shiny and uniformed! With the help of coconut oil, there are no awkward half-straight, half-curly pieces in my hair.

5. Help your flaky scalp

Our scalps are just like the rest of our bodies; they need hydration! Since it’s nearly impossible to apply lotion to our heads, coconut oil has your back. With its moisturizing properties, coconut oil moisturizes your scalp to help with the dryness. A hydrated scalp means less flakes falling out of your hair. An added bonus: the coconut oil will reduce any itchiness you feel caused by the dryness on your scalp!

6. Treat your Eczema

The bumps Eczema causes can really suck. They are itchy, noticeable, and uncomfortable. Sometimes creams don’t help, not matter how much you put on. Coconut oil can really help. It’s anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties can lessen the severity of your Eczema and shrink your bumps.

7. Remove your makeup

Coconut oil can be a gentle and effective makeup remover. It is especially good for removing ye makeup because it does not irritate the sensitive skin surrounding your eyes. Instead, the oil will nourish and replenish your skin. It is also all-natural and a cheap alternative! Use a small amount of the oil, just enough to smooth over all of the makeup you are wearing, then remove it with a cotton ball.


3 thoughts on “Seven Coconut Oil Hacks

  1. mikefleckcreator says:

    I’ve used this on my hair a couple of times and it’s brilliant! Great writeup, do you ever feature your work on any other sites?


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