Unboxing: Giveaway


In the summer, I entered an Instagram giveaway from Frank Body, Dry Bar, Ban.do, and a couple other shops. In a stunning turn of events, I won, and I just received all of my items. I thought I’d share with you the awesome stuff I got.


1. Frank Body Scrubs

Specifically, I received the Original Coffee Scrub, Cacao Coffee Scrub, Coconut Coffee Scrub, and Peppermint Coffee Scrub. I’ve never used a Frank Body product, but I’ve been wanting to for so long now. First off, the packaging was adorable. All the scrubs were in this brown felt pouch with the lowercase f in the corner. I also love the way the scrub packs come. They all come in different colors depending on which scrub you have. The best part: They describe all of the benefits and directions accompanied by cute pictures. The scrubs I got have ingredients to target cellulite and skin imperfections, smooth lumps and bumps, soothe, moisturize, improve skin tone, revive tired skin, buff away dry skin, smell nice, and/or refine skin texture. I can’t wait to have a nice spa day and try some of these out!


2. Dry Bar Sprays

I am super duper excited about these. I have the Detox Dry Shampoo to absorb oils, the Triple Sec to texturize, amplify, and refresh, the Detox Dry Conditioner to detangle, soften and hydrate, and the Sparkling Soda shine mist. They smell like China musk, like the Dry Bar studio itself. I love this smell so much I want to wear it in perfume form. I don’t have a need for the Triple Sec since I have super curly hair or the Detox Dry Shampoo since I have a dry scalp; however, I’ll still probably use these because I think they rock. AND THE PACKAGING! I love the names of the products and the cute little bottles they come in.


3. Drybar Brush and Hair Dryer

The brush is called Lil’ Lemon Drop and it’s on the smaller side so it can detangle on the go. It has flexible bristles to work through tangles and a soft-touch handle. Mainly, I love how it comes in this bright yellow color. The hair dryer is the Baby Buttercup dryer. It folds up so you can travel with it! I love how it’s matte and, of course, yellow!


4. Ban.do Passport Case and Portable Charger

The Getaway Passport Holder with “I’m outta here” scrawled on it makes me feel so put together. I can picture myself flying to Europe in my Superstar Adidas, watching Gossip Girl on the flight and using this baby pink passport holder. The Ban.do Power Bank comes in my favorite color and with two ports so two devices can be charged at once! It also seems really easy to use, and it has a lightning rod on the bottom to show you what you’re plugging into when it’s dark. I will definitely get a lot of use out of this.


5. Toms Sunglasses

The ones I have here are the Yellow Soft Coat frames with Brown Gradient lenses, but I don’t think they sell those anymore, so here is a similar and very chic substitute pair. I think these glasses are super out there with the orangey frames and subtle cat eye shape. I am really excited to style these, especially because I find them very flattering on my circular face shape! They also came with a cool case which is just bonus points.


6. Drybar Pouch and State Backpack

This Drybar pouch came with the travel-friendly hair dryer, and I thought it was so cute. I need to find another use for this pouch instead of just keeping it in my bathroom, so comment if you have any ideas! Also this Lorimer Backpack is so rad. The material is different from other backpacks, it’s almost waterproof. There are three pockets total: a huge one and two smaller ones. I love the silver hardware and the bright yellow color. There’s also a pocket for a laptop which is so key.


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