What’s in my Bag?


I love my purse. It’s icy pink with lots of room to store my items. Specifically, it’s Kate Spade’s Cedar Street Maise in pink bonnet. I love the two straps so I can carry it in the crook of my elbow or the top of my shoulder. Even though it’s pink, it matches everything. 

IMG_2452.JPGI don’t have too many staple items that I keep inside. I always have my phone on me. It’s the 6s with a case from Urban Outfitters that is no longer online. I’ll also carry my Saturday Sleek Square Sleek sunglasses everywhere I go in case I end up driving or the sun comes out. I’ve also got a wallet. It’s the Cameron Street Lacey one from Kate Spade in rooster red. To keep myself sanitary while on the go, I have the Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar hand sanitizer. I’m usually not big on sweet scents, but I love this one. My keys are on my tribal print lanyard from Etsy. That’s about all I keep in my purse besides the odd granola bar or water bottle.


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