Sunday Brunch: November 27, 2016


I spent a wonderful Sunday in Pasadena with my sister and mom a few days after Thanksgiving. 


Location: By Chloe

I traveled to Silverlake to try out a restaurant I’ve been hearing about for months now. It’s small and attached to a grocery store. Because of this, it seems like By Chloe might not be worth the hike. It definitely is, though. If you want a vegan burger that tastes better than an actual hamburger, this is the place. I recommend the guac one, it was fantastic!


Location: Museum of Neon Art

It’s in a prime location; it’s right across the street from a nice mall and a few doors down from a stellar coffee shop. It’s not huge, so you can’t bank on spending a ton of time here, but it is really awesome. All of the art in the museum are light up signs. Very modern and very cool.


Location: Philz Coffee

One of the coolest coffee shops I’ve been to, and I have been to a lot of coffee shops. They tailor your coffee/tea based on creaminess and spice. I got the iced chai tea, and it was delicious. The mint they placed inside added a nice touch of flavor and a pretty element to the cup.


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