HOLLAAAdays: How to Get in the Christmas Spirit


I am so excited for Christmas. I love Christmas. Christmas means winter break, ugly sweaters, hot chocolate, and Justin Bieber’s Christmas album. Here are some ways to get in the mood if you are not like me and are struggling to get pumped. 

1. Bake Cookies

You can either bake cookies and use cookie cutters to make them into Christmas trees, stockings, and angels, or you can buy the Ugly Sweater Cookie Kit from Trader Joes. It comes with ten baked cookies, three frosting colors, and sprinkles. What’s more to ask for?!

2. Christmas Movies

This is an obvious one. The only thing that can match Halloween movies are CHRISTMAS MOVIES. My favorites include The Santa Clause (classic), How the Grinch Stole Christmas (magnificent), and The Ultimate Christmas Present (exquisite).

3. Tour Christmas Lights

In my town, we have a street notorious for having awesome Christmas decorations. Every year, my family and I drive through the street. It’s fun and festive.

4. Atmosphere

Light an evergreen candle and pour yourself some eggnog. While you’re at it, crank up some Justin Bieber Christmas music and have yourself a little dance party.

5. Make a List

Of what, you ask? Of what you want to get for Christmas, what you want to give for Christmas, who to invite to your holiday party, all the food you need to buy for your Christmas feast! So many lists to make.


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