HOLLAAAdays: Gift Guide


I am not the best at gift-giving, but I am trying really really hard to be. This season I constructed a guide to help all of you, and myself, be the best Santa possible. 

1. Boxfox Box

This is great for someone who would appreciate pretty packaging and an assortment of trendy products. They have precurated boxes to choose from (Thanks is in my budget and very cute), or you can make your own with tons of stuff to choose from (everything from fancy candy to The Catcher in the Rye). If I were to make my own, I’d mix Sugarfina Champagne Bears, Drybar Triple Sec, and the Voluspa candle in Santiago Huckleberry. They now have a *masculine* box for the men in your life, too.

2. Anarchy Street Jewelry

For those jewelry lovers in your life, Anarchy Street is the perfect gift. I love the emoji pins, Gifted Bow choker, and Gold Pulse bracelet. Everything is affordable and adorable! To make the price even better, use LINDSEYS20 to receive 20% off your purchase!

3. Home Depot Succulent

Weird, right? But if you stop by Home Depot, they sell two dollar succulents in the garden section. Succulents are SUPER easy to take care of, so even your least responsible friend can handle it. Also, they’re great for the California drought since they don’t take need too much water. They are super trendy right now, so get this for your girl who needs some life in her room and in her Instagram photos.

4. Bath and Body Works Candle

You can’t go wrong with a candle. Get a classic, like Leaves, or go for a newer, sweeter scent. Everyone can appreciate a good candle, especially during the fall time.

5. Lush Prepackaged Gift

Like Boxfox, Lush curates some boxes of bath bombs and shower products enveloped in adorable wrapping paper. It’s a super easy gift, and one that will be adored by the bath fanatics of the world. And, obviously, Lush is cruelty-free, so you can feel good about what you are giving. Added bonus: on the website, you can type in who you’re shopping for and Lush will help you choose a product. They have everyone cataloged from overbearing mother-in-law to adventurous coworker.

6. Urban Outfitters Polaroid Camera

This was a big deal a year or two ago, but it’s starting to fizzle out. I still think polaroid cameras are awesome. My dream is to get one and put them up around my bed. I think they are especially awesome for college because you can’t print a ton of pictures out on a printer in college, so with a polaroid and its instant-print technology, you can have all your photos printed out immediately.

7. Kate Spade Sticker

Maybe I’m just a sucker for Kate Spade, but I think these stickers are adorable and unique. It’s an easy way to glam up your waller or purse your own way! You can select letters, symbols, or pre-made words to stick onto a handbag. My favorite is the individual letters so you can get your gift recipient’s initials or “YAY.”

8. Ban.do Shoes

THEY LIGHT UP! HOW COOL! I want a pair of these so badly. They appear to be durable, comfortable, and so much fun. They light up for three hours straight when they are charged. They can flash rainbow, white, green, purple, blue, and more!

9. Ban.do Lunch Bag

If your girl works/ goes to school/ is a human THIS is a great gift. It’s adorable with the grid pattern, it’s good for the environment, and it’s purposeful because it can hold your lunch! This is yet another gift I want to find under my own tree this year.

10. Urban Outfitters Turntable

This gift is great for anyone in your life. You mom/dad/sister/cousin/best friend would all appreciate a turntable. Your parents can dig up their old records they hid in the garage or your siblings can find some cool albums at Urban Outfitters or the flea market. It’s a stylish addition to your room and a utility! Also, you can just buy your gift recipient a record of his or her favorite band (whether he or she has a player or not). If your gift recipient has a turntable, he or she can bop to the album you bought, but if n0t, he or she can frame it and hang it up in his or her bedroom.



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