My Winter Candle Collection


I’m like that crazy girl from Scream Queens who was obsessed with blogging about candles. 

1. Lavender Vanilla from White Barn

This one is for the people who want a scent that isn’t too foresty or too sweet. It smells AMAZING, lasts a long time, and fills up the room.

2. Spiced Apple Toddy from Bath and Body Works

You’re going to see in this post how much I love Bath and Body Works. The notes from this candle include apple brandy, spiced plum, and cider. The one I have is miniature and comes in a deep red holder which I really like. It also is pretty powerful for its petite size.

3. No. 17: Fig and Sandalwood Soy Candle from P.F. Candle Company

I love the industrial-looking jar the candle comes in as well as the smell. This candle, in my opinion, can work for all seasons. It’s musky and SO GOOD.

4. Winter from Bath and Body Works

This candle is NOT powerful. You have to lean over the flame to really smell the scent. It’s nice with notes of pine needles, winter citrus, and white woods, but it is really hard to smell whether it is burning or not.

5. Soy Wax Iced Balsam from Whole Foods

This comes in a translucent green mason jar and smells delightful. It’s strong, but not too strong and so so perfect for winter.

6. Fresh Balsam from Bath and Body Works

Last but not least, my holy grail. This is powerful, but, again, not too powerful like Mahogany Teakwood is. It has a really nice jar that it comes in and an amazing smell. It also lasts a long time.


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