My Winter Essentials

IMG_2739.jpgThe most wonderful time of the year also means the coldest. With the cold comes dry skin, frozen toes, and a whole lot of essentials. 

1. Candle

OOH BABY do I love winter candles. My favorite at the moment is the Fresh Balsam candle from Bath and Body Works. It adds a cute element of Christmas decor because the packaging is adorable, and it smells like a dream. I actually did an entire post on my favorite winter candles, so check that out here to read about my other favorites.

2. Skin Balm

We all need lip balm during the drier months, but for those of use whose skin gets patchy when the weather turns cold, we need a lip, cheek, hand, etc. balm. I have the Moisture Rich Hydrating Balm from Jersey Shore Cosmetics in the scent peppermint. The idea is to apply this on any area your skin is getting patchy. I LOVE this product because it’s so easy to transport. When I am out and about or at school, I can sneakily grab this balm, fix my face, and move on.

3. Slippers

You know how much I love my slippers. I have a couple great pairs, but my all-time favorites are my Target black fuzzy slippers because they keep my feet warm and make me feel adorable in my home.

4. Mug

Mugs are key for winter time. I’ve got a Santa mug, a “I woke up like this” mug, an enamel floral mug, and now a lettered gold and white mug. I use my Golden Monogram Mug from Anthropology as cute room decor and a cup for my daily chai tea latte.

5. Chai Tea Keurig

Speaking of chai tea lattes, I love these for the winter. I use the K-pods and my Keurig to make my own chai tea. If you’re not into that, though, you can substitute the chai for some hot chocolate.

6. Good Book

Unfortunately, the only book I can read this winter break is The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn for school. I recommend to you, however, Shadow and Bone, Harry Potter, Looking for Alaska, Only Ever Yours, Flipped, and Never Let Me Go. Although these aren’t my all-time favorite books- I do REALLY love Never Let Me Go and Only Ever Yours, though- I think these are good to read with some chai tea near a fireplace. If you want to know some more about Only Ever Yours, I did a blog post on it here.

7. Booties

My pair are from LF years ago, but any booties will work. I especially gravitate toward dark plum and black during these chilly months.

8. Sweater

I LOVE my H&M black mockneck sweater and Express green turtleneck sweater that are nowhere to be found online. I want to wear them everyday, and I often wear them a few times a week. What can I say? I can only wear them for a couple months out of the whole year! I have to get my fill.

9. Blankets

I heard Target has some great blankets, but all of mine are from TJ Maxx. They make good winter room decor and comfortable covers. Every girl needs at least one, maybe twelve.

10. Night Cream

I use Mario Badescu’s Seaweed Night Cream so that I can wake up with my face hydrated, but not oily. It smells amazing, has cute packaging, and works like a charm.



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