HOLLAAAdays: DIY Gifts

IMG_2760.JPGTo all of you who waited until the last minute to pick up  a Christmas present or don’t have enough money in your wallet to devote to a friend, this one’s for you. 


1. Baked Goods

Everyone appreciates baked goods. If you really can’t cook, buy some dough and pop those cookies into the oven. If you have a little more time on your hands, make a slutty brownie with brownie batter, Oreos, and chocolate chip cookies.

2. Hot Chocolate Kit

Get your secret santa a mug and fill it with marshmallows, whipped cream, cinnamon stirrers, and some candy. Put the ingredients in individual in mason jars or any tube you can find.

3. Jar of Memories

For this you just need a mason jar, some paper, tape, scissors, ribbon, and a pen. Cut out a box and write something like “A Jar of Memories” or whatever you want on it. Then tape it to the outside of the jar. Tie a piece of ribbon near the lid to make it look festive. Cut up a ton of little pieces of paper and write a memory you have with this person on each one.  It’s is super simple, but also really meaningful.

4. Snow Globe

Take a little figurine of anything from a small Christmas tree to a velociraptor. If you and the gift-receiver have an inside joke about a certain animal or small toy, use that. You will also need a mason jar, water, and glycerin (not necessary, but recommended). To start off, hot glue the figurine to the part of the lid that will face inside the mason jar. While that dries, pour the water to almost the top of the mason jar. Add as much glitter as you want and the glycerin if you have that. Then screw the lid back on the jar and shake it up.

5. Hang Up Photos

You’ll need twine, clothespins, and developed pictures. Lace the twine through the hole in the center of the clothespin. Latch the clothespins to the picture and knot the ends in a circle. That way, a person just needs to put two hooks in the wall and can hang the twine. This one is super easy and adorable.


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