Scones and Scrutiny: The Election

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I decided to make a new series called Scones and Scrutiny where I’ll be discussing some things I’ve been contemplating. With the inauguration today, it’s the perfect time to launch this series and address my feelings on this year’s election and president-elect. 

I know I’m only sixteen. I wasn’t able to vote in this election, so I didn’t really have a voice in topics that concerned me and my country. I still don’t have a say in topics that concern me and MY BODY, but I’ll talk about that later. Anyway, I’m young, and I admit that my opinions have definitely been influenced by my parents. Both my mom and my dad are liberal, and I, in turn, have taken the liberal stance as well. That is not because I just copy what my family says, though. The values bestowed upon me have revolved around fighting for those who don’t have a voice. That’s why I defend minorities. That’s why I believe taxes should be raised for the rich instead of the poor. That’s why I believe in accessible healthcare. That’s why I support Hillary Clinton. The lessons my parents ingrained in me taught me to be empathetic and sympathetic which are two qualities of the Democratic party.

I supported Hillary this past November, and I am disappointed in her loss. I can’t help but question if America really is sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, racist, etc. If the answer is no, why else would Trump- a man who was accused of sexual assault, recorded joking about sexual assault, caught teasing a disabled person, claimed global warming was a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese- be elected president? Because people didn’t want to pay more taxes? Is that the reason? People didn’t want to have to give up more money, so they voted for a blithering candidate who has destroyed American morality.

What was Hillary’s huge achilles heel? What mistake did she make that was equal to all of the terrible things Trump had said? Was it her EMAILS?? I’m sorry, but that is a terrible excuse. Something she was acquitted for costed her the election? No, it must have been Benghazi. I admit, that was a tragedy. However, when you work in politics as long as Hillary has, there are tragedies that occur. Since when has experience been a liability? Since a woman has run for president, apparently.

However, he won, and I guess I should accept it. I still think it’s important we continue to fight injustice, though. Just a couple of weeks ago, speaker of the house Paul Ryan stated that he would vote to defund Planned Parenthood. I don’t really understand this one. PP provides gynecologists, STD checks, birth control, and a million other things that are instated to prevent unwanted pregnancies. If you don’t want a spike in abortions, don’t defund PP. It won’t stop people from having sex. It will stop them from being prepared.

News on Trump’s picks have spread like wildfire lately. His proposed administrator of the EPA doesn’t believe humans caused Global Warming. His proposed attorney general is a racist who has disrespected esteemed black men. His Vice President believes in conversion therapy. I wish Trump would have recognized the increasing divide in this country. It is his job to remedy it, and he should have proposed nominees that would appease both Republicans and Democrats. Instead, he thinks this is a reality show. He chose people he knew would anger half the country. Obviously, liberals can’t come to term with a racist attorney general, but Trump does not care. He thinks it’s a joke.

I urge everyone to keep fighting for what’s right, even if that means disagreeing with the government. Protest, sign petitions, lobby, educate friends, do whatever it takes to protect the poor, the disabled, the LGBTQ+ community, women, Mexicans, Muslims, refugees, and all American citizens. Even though this new president might not acknowledge the wage gap or realize the catastrophic result of using nuclear warheads, you can. You can do your part to support women in government, call for gun control, and do what’s right. Down below are a few ways how.

To help refugees: Good Neighbor Teams

To petition Trump’s racist Attorney General pick: Color of Change

To protect healthcare: National Disability Rights Network

To feel like your voice is heard as a young woman: AAUW’s Younger Women’s Task Force



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