My Four Favorite Blogger Books


We all know that I love reading and I love bloggers. These are four books that inspire me, teach me, and entertain me. They also look great on a coffee table. 

1. Rookie Yearbook Four edited by Tavi Gevinson

This book is a compilation of posts from I love the pictures and the free-spirited vibe of the book. Inside, there’s everything from how to make fake fur sandals to how two singers bonded over Cheetos. The paper is soft and bendy. The collages are colorful in a subdued sort of way. There are borders on every page, some with pictures of fur, others with hand-drawn tribal print. I love the advice columns, descriptions of the month’s theme, and DIY project ideas. My favorite page might be How to Make a Photo Diary, but I also really love the pages upon pages of casual photo shoots. Some of a girl in cheetah leggings on a basketball court, others of girls illuminated with red light under a blanket fort. It’s just so effortless. Others of I feel like the overall message of the book is be yourself and everything will be okay.

2. Capture Your Style by Aimee Song

This one is a step-by-step guide on how to grow your platform on social media and make sure your posts are beautiful! It’s every Instagrammer’s dream. It is brimming with iPhone camera secrets and editing techniques. I learned a lot about angles, exposure, and execution. It inspired me to put in more effort to yield the results. As a blogger, social media is a way to grow. I want to utilize my Instagram to help me gain a voice, and Aimee Song shows how. I admit, I can’t commit to all of her advice. I’m still in school, so it’s hard for me to be like, “Screw what people think, I’m going to post every single day!” But I admire her tenacity, and I learned so much from the book. Also, it’s just visually pleasing. You can get a lot of inspiration for poses just from skimming through the pages (I read the entire thing front to back, though).

3. Beauty by Lauren Conrad

I got this a few years ago, and I honestly don’t use it as much as I wish I would. It’s full of skincare advice and hairstyle ideas. It’s like beauty videos on Youtube, but in book form. Lauren Conrad speaks about finding your beauty, prepping for makeup through exercise and skincare, everyday makeup tutorials, and nail art. My favorite page is probably the Reading Your Face page where she maps out where the acne on your face derives from. For example, acne around the chin is affected by hormones while on the cheeks it’s affected by lung quality. I love how diverse the book is, too. Obviously, Lauren is the focus point of the looks and the pictures, but she shows tutorials for the girl with glasses, the girl with freckles, the girl with a monolid, and the girl with a dark complexion. This book is pretty simple, though. It’s definitely a guide for beginners. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great guide for beginners, but all the looks featured are super simple.

4. Style by Lauren Conrad

And we’re bringing it home with another Lauren Conrad book. Inside this one, Lauren discusses how to shop, how to dress for work, how to pack for vacation. Like the one above, I think the information inside is pretty simple. A sweater with brown boots isn’t exactly life-changing. Still, there are things inside to learn. She shows how to style a little black dress five different ways, for example. She even tackles how to pose for a photoshoot. In all honesty, I think Capture Your Style and Rookie Yearbook Four are better picks than either of Lauren Conrad’s books, but I still appreciate them. They have stunning covers, and they’re true to Lauren Conrad, even if that means simple style and safe clothes. This one’s for you if you want a little bit of inspiration without being dangerous.


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