You Can Also Find Me…

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I was thinking about all of the other websites where my writing lays, and I thought, “Maybe I should make a compiled list.” This post is that thought coming to fruition. I included the link and the first paragraph of each piece down below. 

1. “Like a Library Book” on Hypernova Lit

The beat-up, red Nissan jolted to a stop in one of the parking spaces in the practically empty lot. I turned off the ignition and stared out at the barren space interrupted only by a navy Volvo, a gray Sedan, and a compact Hyundai. By the sound it was making on my windshield, I could tell that the wind was picking up outside. The white noise worsened the headache already throbbing at my temples. Feeling suddenly confined by the exoskeleton of my hand-me-down car, I took a deep breath and braced myself for the chill.

2. “Lucy Stone, 19th Century Feminist” on YC Teen 

Don’t say it in the halls at school. Boys might overhear and cringe. Don’t say it in the girls’ locker room, where everyone is already uncomfortable. Don’t say it in the classroom unless you want to make your male teacher uncomfortable. Don’t say it at the dinner table, because manners! Don’t say it in the cafeteria, at the park, over the phone. Whisper it into your diary among the other frustrated sentences about equal opportunity and liberalism. But don’t say it out loud, because “feminist” is a bad word.

3. “Change is Challenging” on Open Orchard Productions

This one’s a podcast, so I can’t really paste the first paragraph here. That should intrigue you to check it out on the website, though!

4. “Book Review: Only Ever Yours” on My Trending Stories

It took me about 8 days to read this 400 page book. When I was supposed to be doing homework, when I was supposed to be sleeping, when I was supposed to be studying, I read Only Ever Yours by Louise O’Neill. It is one of the most provocative and haunting books I have encountered. (If you recognize this one, it’s because it was originally published here!)

There you go! Be sure to comment telling me what you think, or if there’s anything you are dying to see from me!


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