January Favorites 2017

January is always a long month. It contains finals, the SAT, and a ton of other stressful events. As far as Januarys go, though, this was a pretty good one. 

1. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Vanilla Powder

I love to add some of this to my tea because it sweetens the taste and enhances the flavor. It changes the tea game for me. I also love how it comes with a little scooper to assist you when adding it to drinks. I definitely recommend.

2. David’s Tea Forever Nuts Tea

I admit, David’s is kind of expensive for loose leaf tea, but it is just so good. When you steep a ton at once, the flavor is so strong and SO GOOD. I would describe this as a bit nutty with a pretty pink appearance.

3. David’s Tea Tea Lock Top Travel Mug

Following the tea trend, I recommend this mug if you’re an avid tea drinker. It steeps on the go and locks so it’s travel friendly. Mine is also pink, which is always a plus.

4. Green Apple Perrier Sparkling Water

Wow I had a ton of beverage favorites this month. This one’s just sparkling water with a hint of green apple flavoring. It’s super refreshing, and it comes in a skinny can which makes it easy to bring around in a backpack or a purse.

5. A Series of Unfortunate Events

This is my childhood in a Netflix TV show. It is about three orphans who move from guardian to guardian, avoiding Count Olaf, a murderous man who is trying to steal their fortune. I was OBSESSED with the series when I was younger, so I HAD to binge-watch it when it first came out. It’s goofy and weird, but that’s why I like it. Mr. Poe is definitely my favorite character, but I still love Violet like I did when I was younger. The best part, though, is the opening credits with the theme song that changes lyrics every new location the orphans move to.

6. Mario Badescu Cucumber Tonic Mask

It refines the look of large pores for a smooth complexion and prevents oil build-up. It is SUPER drying, though. I liked it because I think it helped reduce the size of my breakouts, but I had to slather so much lotion on afterwards because it’s super tightening. If you’re really into reducing the look of wrinkles, though, tightening might be a good thing.

7. Too Faced Neutral Matte Eyeshadow Palette

I love this palette. I needed mattes in my collection, and now I have nine natural nude ones. There is even a pamphlet with three tutorials included to show you the different ways you can wear these shades. There’s a tiny bit of kick-up, but I can’t complain because the shades are so buttery and blendable.

8. Trader Joe’s Curried White Chicken Deli Salad

I’ve eaten this two to three times a week every week of the month of January. It’s got raisins, chicken, a bit of honey, and cashews. It’s delicious. I eat it on top of toasted bread, on crackers, or with a spoon. It’s not for the faint at heart, though. If you’re super picky or easily grossed out, this isn’t for you. It has a nasty appearance in the container, but, for me, the taste is worth it.

9. Music

I have to give a shoutout to Ed Sheeran’s new singles “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill.” I prefer the latter, but I jam to both. Honestly, anything this man does is perfection. “Relationships” by Michael Blume is another bop I love to sing along to.



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