Scones and Scrutiny: Blog’s 1st Birthday

VSCO Cam-1.jpg

Today marks a year of blogging on Brunch on Melrose! It seems like so much longer. In order to celebrate BOM’s first birthday, I composed a little post in honor of it. 

Last year, I wanted to blog so badly, but I didn’t want to embarrass myself on the internet. Finally on March 17, I hit publish on my first blog post, “Ten Things I Can’t Live Without.” I’m still really proud of this post. And, for the most part, I STILL can’t live without a lot of these things. Even though so many other things in my life have changed, I still rely on my Mica eye primer to get me through the week.

I expected to have a phase on the blog at the beginning when I just posted complete trash before I understood how to blog, but I don’t feel like that’s what happened. A lot of the subjects I wrote about I would still write about, and many of the themes (DIYs, OOTDs, favorites) I continue to incorporate into my biweekly musings.

At that time, however, all the posts were sporadic. Occasionally I posted multiple times in one day, then fell silent for two weeks. It wasn’t until August that I created a schedule for my posts. Although the days would shift from twice a week to three times a week and back to twice a week, I maintained some kind of schedule.

In one year, I have published 121 posts. I’ve had a total of 2,508 views and 840 visitors. My most frequented categories are Fashion and OOTD, but Beauty is a close third. I have a lot of growing left to do, but I am proud of myself for how far I have come.

As this year comes to a close, I want to talk about my hopes for the future. There are a set of things I hope will come to fruition in this upcoming year, so here they are. I want to change up the photography on this blog. All of the pictures of objects I took, but all of the pictures of me are taken a my camera set on timer, propped up on a tripod. That means the photos don’t have as high of quality as I would like, so this year I want to shoot with real people to get great content up (if anyone’s into photography and would want to partner up with me on this, fill free to contact me!). I also want to add other sections to my blog. I want a page that lists all of the places I’ve been and links my posts about them. I love making travel guides, and I see that as a prominent part of my future. I’d also love to get into videos. Maybe in the summer I could post a video here every so often. I also want to talk more about my actual thoughts in Scones and Scrutiny and update you all on my everyday life with Sunday Brunch. I want to work with other content creators and businesses to enrich my posts more. Lastly, I want to stay creative and build my blog as much as possible.

Thanks for commemorating this birthday with me. Hopefully, there are many more to come.


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