Providence Guide


I woke up this morning in Boston and took the Amtrak to Providence to drink coffee and tour Brown. The sun was out and the temperature sat at a comfortable fifty degrees. Above is a photograph taken from right outside the train station where there’s a perfect view of the capital building. 


Location: Brown University

I didn’t take an official tour of Brown because it’s a Sunday, and they don’t offer tours on Sundays. I strode around the town bordering Brown and compiled a list of coffee shops I’ll recommend in a second. But for Brown, I roamed through the green, wandered around the Student Center, and viewed outside the library.

Location: Sydney

I have to be completely honest. Although this restaurant was adorable and tasty, the avocado toast was not as good as the ones they serve in California. I believe that avocado toasts from any of the other 49 states will not live up to those served in Los Angeles. Obviously, I got the Avocado Toast with feta and tomatoes and Signature Roasted Broccoli Sandwich with broccoli and lemon caper aioli.

Location: Dave’s Coffee

In addition to Sydney, Dave’s Coffee was another great place to work. They have an awesome selection of coffees including ones with lavender flavoring. I got a drink that was a mix of sparkling water and blood orange syrup. It was way better than it sounds. It also has cute, woody decorations and a lot of space to sit.


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