April Favorites 2017

VSCO Cam-1-1.jpg

I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now that April is over and AP tests are starting, it feels like the school year is close to an end. Thank God. Anyway, per tradition, here are my favorites from the grueling month of April. 

1. Hey Honey Bésame Mucho Lip Balm

This is the cure for dry and chapped lips! It moisturizes, but it won’t peel off in a couple of hours. It has Shea Butter and Propolis, so it also smells amazing. It sort of smells like honey but more subdued. Overall, I recommend.

2. Skinnydip Peachy iPhone Case

It’s kind of awkward that this is a favorite because literally today I dropped my phone and the screen broke under the screen protector and I feel like this case did not protect my phone at all. However, I’m still including this because I loved it this month and I think it is adorable. It is clear with a ton of little sparkly peaches on it. It’s simple and super cute.

3. Go the Beep to Sleep Spray

This is an aromatherapy spray from Ban.do that I have been loving this month. I spray it in my hand thirty minutes before I go to bed and breathe deeply with my hand over my mouth. It starts to make me feel more tired so when I’m ready for bed I’ll fall asleep right away. I also spray it over my pillow before I go to sleep to promote deep sleep.

4. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

I got this for my birthday this year and I am absolutely in love. On my wall, I’m making a collage of all of my polaroid pictures. As of now, I have two from Disneyland, one from the beach, two of my dogs, and one of my dad. I can’t wait to take some more this summer. The three things that set my polaroid apart from any other camera is that it (1) obviously prints immediately (2) isn’t so high-def so it’s easy to look good in the photo (3) is small enough to be easily carried around. Also, my camera is pink which is just adorable.

5. Thirteen Reasons Why

I know you probably have heard so much about this already, but I had to add to the hysteria. I read this book when I was in sixth or seventh grade, but I actually like the show more. It is so beautifully done with an incredibly diverse cast. It’s written well and I think it digs at the root of some terrible issues that are common among high schoolers.

6. Music

I really like iSpy by Kyle and Cocoon by Catfish and the Bottlemen this month. Also, I fell in love with the song that plays during episode five of Thirteen Reasons Why. It’s called The Night We Met by Lord Huron. It is so moving, I literally tear up when I hear it.


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