May Vibes Playlist


These are some of the songs I’ve been jamming to in the month of May and slightly before. They make me want to stick my head out the window or go bike riding on a sunny day. 

1. Hostage (Ghost Remix) by Danrell x Smaland

2. American Teen by Khalid

3. 8TEEN by Khalid

4. All Night by The Vamps

5. Pisces by Riz La Vie

6. Birds and the Bees (feat. Kyle Thornton) by Dwilly

7. Animal by Iron Eyes Cody

8. F.N.T. by Semisonic

9. Buddy Holly by Weezer

10. All Night (feat. Knox Fortune) by Chance the Rapper

11. Older by Brother Moses

12. Ocean Eyes- Blackbear Remix by Billie Eilish

13. chateau by Blackbear

14. Kiwi by Harry Styles

15. Stay (with Alessia Cara) by Zedd



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