June Favorites 2017

VSCO Cam-2-1.jpg

I’m sad to see June go. It was a wonderful month consisting of ice cream runs, singing in the car, and a lot of sunscreen. 

1. Urban Decay Afterglow 8-Hour Highlighter in Sin

This is not a chunky glittery product. Instead, it’s super natural and glow-y. It’s not stark or overpowering, it just leaves a pretty sheen when the light hits it. I believe this product is buildable, so if you’re into an intense highlight, it’s possible with this product. However, I wear it with just one layer.

2. Riverdale

I feel like everyone loves Riverdale, but no one really knows why. There are a lot of cliches and plot holes, and I sometimes feel like the acting is subpar (I’m looking at you, Jughead). Still, I LOVE Riverdale. Betty is my favorite character, but I obviously also love Archie. If you have no idea what Riverdale is about, it’s a TV show in its first season. It’s on Netflix now, but it originally premiered on the CW channel. It’s about a mystery that occurs in a small town as the main characters strive to find answers about the tragedy.

3. Serial Podcast

I  listened to both seasons of Serial this month per my sister’s recommendation. While I clean my room, drive my car, and take a shower, I listen to Serial. I prefer the first season to the second, but both are still really good. Season one is trying to figure out whether or not Adnan Syed killed his girlfriend back when they were high school students over fifteen years ago (I think he’s not guilty, but it’s still so hard to come to a definite conclusion). There are amazing twists and turns. If you like Making a Murderer, you’ll love Serial. Season two is a little different because it’s about Bowe Bergdahl who was held by the Taliban for five years. I think Sarah Koenig is a brilliant journalist, and the show is just fantastic.

4. Fresh Sugar Rosé Tinted Lip Treatment

I love this lip balm. I’ve been getting freckles on my lips recently, so I needed a lip balm with SPF in it. This also provides a really nice sheer color. It’s also super nourishing. I talked about this lip balm in my Six Must-Have Products for Dry Skin post, so if you’re interested in learning more you can check that out.

5. Tarte’s Maracuja C-Brighter Eye Treatment

I also talked about this in my Six Must-Have Products for Dry Skin post. It’s a nourishing and brightening lotion that I apply underneath my eyes every night I can remember to. I use this as a preventative measure so hopefully I won’t have super droopy bags in the future. Mainly, though, it feels nice on the skin.

6. Luxury Shine Celebrity Love Rose Gold-Plated Band Ring for Women

I love the way Cartier rings look, but I’m not going to spend 1,000 dollars for one. Instead, I got this replica off of amazon. I wear it everyday on my pointer finger, and I love it. It’s probably not the highest quality because it’s so cheap, but it looks so real, so it’s fine with me.

7. Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask

When I first remove the mask, my skin doesn’t really look any different. However, a few hours later, my skin is noticeably clearer. It minimizes the pores and breakouts I have, but it doesn’t completely remove them. It also doesn’t strip my skin or leave it feeling insanely dry which is nice because I have dry skin in the first place.

8. Wildflower Black Velvet Silver Star iPhone 7 Case

I love this case. It’s so pretty, and it’s actually protective. The case extends past the screen, so if I drop it facedown (hopefully) it won’t crack. The order also comes with two stickers which is fun.

9. Music

I’ve added a lot of new song this month from Coin’s How Will You Know If You Never Try album to Lorde’s Melodrama album. My favorite songs from this month are probably Don’t Take The Money by Bleachers, Rolex by Ayo & Teo, Classic by The Knocks, Swalla by Jason Derulo, and New Romantics by Taylor Swift. Wow. A lot of songs.


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