July Favorites 2017


July has truly flown by, and I will miss it dearly. 

1. Starbucks Vanilla Flavored Coffee Pods

I started drinking coffee this month when I was waking up early to attend some school-related functions. I’m not a big fan of coffee’s bitter taste, but I can handle these pods. I just pop them in my Keurig, add some creamer, and go on my merry way.

2. International Delight Hershey’s Chocolate Caramel Creamer

This one goes along with the coffee pods. I add this creamer to my coffee, and I actually enjoy the taste. This creamer definitely sweetens, but it’s not like drinking a candy bar.

3. S-Town Podcast

I started off my podcast binge last month with Serial, which I love. However, S-Town shoved Serial aside and has taken the cake as my favorite podcast of all time. The series kicks off because a reporter, Brian Reed, received an email from John B. McLemore who lives in a redneck town in Alabama. Apparently, a guy in John’s town is bragging about murdering another man, but no one is doing anything about it. The podcast morphs into a whole other story that is just utterly brilliant. John is a genius who never had the means of refining his intelligence. Everything from his profane rants about the failures of society to Brian Reed’s beautifully-timed plot twists and jaw-droppers makes this podcast a must listen! To this day, I can’t listen to A Rose for Emily by The Zombies (which plays at the end of every episode) without crying.

4. My Favorite Murder Podcast

After I finished S-Town, I had to find something that would fill the void in my heart and car stereo. My Favorite Murder is no S-Town, but it’s still really good. While Serial and S-Town are planned, investigated, and complex, My Favorite Murder is funny and nonchalant. Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark are two comedians who are obsessed with serial killers. Every episode, they discuss their favorite murders and tell a lot of jokes. It’s pretty morbid and honestly sometimes it makes me paranoid, but it’s also hilarious and informative. If you find true crime interesting, check this out.

5. The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

This diary was obviously incredibly powerful. I read it while I was in Amsterdam which just heightened the entire reading experience. Anne and I both started our diaries the day we turned thirteen, but our lives couldn’t be more different. She is so eloquent and inspirational, and the diary is such an important artifact that reminds us of the power of hope.

6. Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water

I am so into this BB Water. My freckles have been darkening and multiplying because of the summer sun, and I really don’t want to cover them up. I was looking for something that would appear natural, be sheer enough so that my freckles could peak through, and even out my skin tone. This does all of those things, and it has an SPF of 30! It’s so lightweight that I just dab it in using my fingers, and I look like I woke up like this. If you really struggle with breakouts, though, this is not for you. It’s buildable, but it works best for light to medium coverage.

7. Starbucks Iced Chai Latte with Coconut Milk

My order for Starbucks for the past year or two has been a grande iced chai tea latte with light ice, but I’ve had to switch it up a little since I have discovered that I am lactose intolerant. I have swapped regular milk for coconut milk, and it is so delicious! The drink is both refreshing and summery!

8. Music

Man, oh man, I have great songs to share. For our upbeat songs, we’ve got Aminé’s “Heebiejeebies,” Olivia O’Brien’s “RIP”, and Lorde’s “Perfect Places.” For our slower songs, I present Alt-J’s “Dancing in the Moonlight” and Madeline’s “Sourire” (which is French)!



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