Sunglass Collection: Updated


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I have an unhealthy amount of sunglasses. If you’re interested to see all of them, keep reading. If you’d like to see how my collection has grown, check out my first sunglass collection over a year ago. Continue reading


My Shoe Collection: Sandals

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Today is my first official day of summer. What better way to celebrate than to kick-off a new series on my blog, My Shoe Collection? Here, I’ll cover all the shoes I own from sneakers to stilettos. Let’s get rolling with my sandals!  Continue reading

Makeup Collection: Lipsticks

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I’m an Ipsy subscriber, a Youtube enthusiast, and a beauty wannabe, so I’ve got more than my fair share of makeup. I had to narrow an entire makeup collection down to lip products because I didn’t want this post to be twenty pages long. From there, I had to narrow lip products down to lipsticks because I thought you’d get bored if I didn’t.  Continue reading